João C. T. Menezes

macroevolution • sexual selection • animal communication • ornithology

Grasslands of the Mantiqueira Mountains, Brazil
Grasslands of the Mantiqueira Mountains, Brazil

I am a PhD candidate in Organismic & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I'm currently working in Dr. Jeff Podos' lab, where I am investigating how environment and sexual selection interact to govern the evolution of communication traits.

I received my MSc degree in Ecology from the University of São Paulo, Brazil — my home country. There, I worked in Dr. Eduardo Santos' lab to understand how habitat influences the evolution of bird dances across the Americas.

Here, you will find information mostly related to my research, but also to my naturalistic encounters — I've been an avid birder & naturalist since childhood. Be sure to check out manacá, a shiny app that provides different visualizations of personal naturalistic observations (either mine or your own, if you're on eBird and/or iNaturalist).

You can contact me here or here.

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